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Who doesn’t love ice cream? These frozen treats are simple to make an incredibly yummy. Nothing says summer like cold, creamy icecreams. Have this ready in the freezer for unexpected guests!



Fees:- Rs 1600/-

Duration:- One Day Concept Class



*   Vanilla (Chocochips) Ice-cream

*   Chocolate Ice-cream

*   Butter Scotch Ice-cream

*   Kesar – Pista / Tutti Frutti Ice-cream

*   Nutella Ice-cream

*   Mango Ice-cream

*   Strawberry Ice-cream

*   Blueberry Ice-cream

*   Coffee Ice-cream

*   Cassatta Ice-cream

*   Tiramisu Ice-cream

*   Cookie Ice-cream

*   Kesar Pista Kulfi

*   Paan Kulfi