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Homemade Chocolates


Our state of the art ,chocolate classes allow the participant to understand the origin of the cocoa bean and its conversion into handcrafted chocolates , how to use chocolate in the kitchen and how to delight friend and relation with simple chocolate creation. Whether you aspire to work for yourself or in a professional organization, our specialized classes are just what you need.



Fees:- Rs 2000/-

Duration:- One Day Concept Class

(Basic To Advance – Certified Course)



*   Plain Chocolate

*   Almond Rocks

*   Choco Biscuit

*   Choco Crackle

*   Ice Mint Chocolate

*   Coconut Delight 

*   Marble Chocolate

*   Fruit ‘n’ Nuts 

*   Butter Scotch Chocolate 

*   Flavoured Chocolate

*   Walnut Delight

*   Nutty Caramel Bar

*   Choco Wafers

*   Coconut Centres

*   Coffee Centre

*   Fudge Centre

*  Truffle Centre

*   Vanila Bon Bon

*   Marzipan Centre

*   Rum ‘n’ Raisins

*   Strawberry/Orange/ Mint Centre