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Designer Cup Cakes & Muffins With Frostings

Festivals or a holiday, something special is what we always look for. Cupcakes make everything better, you can’t be sad when you are holding a cupcake in your hand. In this workshop we’ll help you to learn or sharpen your skills in putting together beautifully flavoured and decorated cupcakes.


Fees:- Rs 1800/-

Duration:- One Day Concept Class



*   Vanilla Cup Cakes

*   Chocolicious Cup Cakes

*   Marble Cup Cakes

*   Rainbow Cup Cakes

*   Chocolava Cup Cakes

*   Red Velvet Cup Cakes

* Blueberry Cup Cakes

*  Mawa Cup Cakes

*   Chocolava Cup Cakes

*   Cookie N Cream Cup Cakes

*   Paan Bite Cup Cakes

*   Boston Cream Pie Cup Cakes

*   Pinnata Muffins

*   Apple Cinnamon Muffins 

*   Nutella Oats Muffins

*   Caramel Filled Muffins

*   Basic Butter Cream Frosting

*   Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting

*   Ganache Frosting

*   Oreo Frosting

*   Mocha Frosting

*   Various Cupcake Piping Techniques